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Hey, Virginia here :)

I created SpeakEasy Enterprise llc with the mission to help good people do more good in this world. 

My team and I help in 3 areas:

1. We have full service branding, website creation and launch services. 

2. With an affordable memberships, you have the opportunity to access thousands of dollars worth of online courses that will help you get started and thrive with step by step support, 0 overwhelm and 100% ease as an entrepreneur in our affordable membership program.

3. We created Sovereign School for coaching and leadership for those that are looking a certification that will teach them the best skills for helping their clients reach maximum potential. 

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Online Courses on how to become successful doing your business from anywhere in the world, masterminding and all of my exclusive content on how to do this, with one low membership price and an option for 1on1 coaching.

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VIP Design and Copy

Receive a full service of website design, copy creation, branding and more

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Learn more about our coaching certification school. We have a dual certification program in life coaching with your choice of intuitive soul, business, health or leadership.

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We are about to open the doors for a limited time to our Business Mastermind and 10k Course vault for monthly membership starting at only $47 per month. Get on the waitlist and in contact with us by filling out this application.

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Our New Home

The new App, SEE.  will be released soon. SEE stands for SpeakEasy Enterprise.  SEE reminds us of clairvoyance, seeing deeply and sounds like the sea.

SEE will be home to all of our services and communication. 

Last year you may have remembered we launched a beta version of a new app called Speaksie. We learned a lot about what we truly wanted in an app, what we didn't want and now, it's with great pleasure that we will be bringing you, SEE.

Think of it as our brick and mortar in your pocket. This is where I will message you, all of your programs and trainings will be held and our community loves to engage and mastermind. 

Plus, and this may be the best part, we are exclusively inviting partnered memberships and programs into our home. We're excited to share this space with other enterprises that we believe will compliment your SEE journey.

SEE the new app

SEE Alignment 2.0 - SEE Premium Membership

Attract the perfect clients and create your abundance your way.

Step by Step

Why be a premium member:

Let me help you build your business step by step. 

I realize how overwhelming and confusing building an online business is, I've been there.

I've also been in a place where I felt nickeled and dimed.  Where I bought a program,sometimes it was 2k only to find out what I really needed was the next program that they were offering.  

This is why I am truly dedicated to offering a one stop shop for those that want to truly create a solid foundation for their business to run on! 

It's not to say that you won't take another course that's out there.  If you're like me, you will... I'm a learning junkie.  But, what I am saying is that I have a membership here for you that you can have everything you need to build without buying the 1k and 2k and 5k courses. I'm here to support you at your level of need. 

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Courses Included

Why be a premium member:

After spending thousands on online courses, and still not knowing how to fit all the puzzle pieces together, I knew there had to be a more economical way of bringing knowledge and support to entrepreneurs. 

So, I've done something NEW and innovative. I've created a community membership that INCLUDES all my courses! 

That means, you have access to courses like:

*Soul Branding™ 

*The ultimate law of attraction compliment to Marketing and Business Planning

*Badass Content, how to never worry about what to post again.

*Soul Sales™, sell with the language that will set you free. Learn the art and system of sales that will create ease in your launch.

*(coming soon) Launch a community

*(coming soon) grow and nurture your Facebook and Instagram with ease.

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Why be a premium member:

Included in your membership you will receive a supportive community that cannot compare to any other membership group. 

You receive access to our
Soul-Biz Fitness Classes, currently our classes include, 

*Power Hour Monday-Friday, 1 hour to gather and check off your list the things you truly need to get done.

*Tuesday Soul Networking, meet with fellow members and share your business, your promotions and your heart. 

*1x week group coaching session to get your questions answered. 

*1x week soul sessions with Virginia where she dives into soul to answer your questions to gain clarity and ease in your life and business.

*1x week setting goals and being held accountable to your soul's intention.

*Law of attraction and art of lightness work


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Hey soul friend,

I see you. I've been where you may be now.

You have gifts, talents, you have products or services that you believe in with more than your heart, with all of your being. You are ready to start making money again or just start period. 

You feel that you somehow lost your brand, it's gotten muddy, maybe you don't even have a brand.  

Your business and marketing plan are a mess or maybe you just went into go mode and never created a business or marketing plan. 

Not to mention you never really learned how to elegantly execute and attract your customers.  It's just go go go with no plan. 

Well, if just one or many of these things are true, no worries, I've got you. 

SEE is special. All 3 of my offerings the VIP Design and Copy, Premium Membership and my Certification School are all infused with soul.

I use my special gifts as an empath, spiritual guide and a theatre and speech teacher of 11 years to coach to figure out what's holding you back, help you tap into what will move you forward and be able to speak your truth with class.

I am all about offering options that fit you and where you are in YOUR business without the typical overwhelm.

My goal is for you to be able to tap into what it is that your business needs the most and allow that to come forward attracting your best clients and have your business flowing with abundance.



It feels like magic, but it's really your soul at work.

Here at SpeakEasy Enterprise I am dedicated to helping you gain abundance in your business as a whole. I do not teach one trick pony techniques or a cookie cutter formula. I'm dedicated to helping you where you need it and thrive with doing it a way that flows with your lifestyle. Much of our work is about finding your ease and flow. It is a simple but profound technique that feels like magic once implemented, but it's really just your soul at work.

" ...I'm a B-School alum and I've paid for a ton (seriously) of online marketing programs and groups over the past five years, but what Virginia is offering is already helping me navigate social media in a way that finally makes sense and feels resonant to me. It's valuable and authentic and something I haven't seen in any of those other programs. "

Christi D.
Personal Power coach

"I was immediately drawn to the meditations. None of my previous mentors offer free Meditation on their page. She has helped me show up Authentically in my business making speaking easy as I show up to serve women as a Body Positive Mentor. V has a gift to see our gifts and helps us shine them brightly so business is fun and feels good! Your business and confidence will grow as it has mine! definitely don't wait another second to decide to work with her! XOXO"

Heather N.
Body Positive Mentor

" I want to say thank you for everything! I know I have not been part of the community long but my life has changed SIGNIFICANTLY by just being surrounded by your community !!!!!!! You are changing lives!!!!! I just hit the top rank in my direct sales company.... all because I started listening to my SOUL !!!!!!! So thankful πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ"

Kyla C.
Direct Sales

"I really can't say enough about Virginia!!! She is such an inspiration, a role model, an uplifting example, a beaming light to light the path, a confidante, and a pure soul offering unconditional love to her clients...all of that ON TOP of her business knowledge and acumen, training us to go live on Facebook, showing us how to live in ease and flow. In other words, she doesn't just talk about it...she IS about it!!"

Lileith P.
Professional Belly Dancer & Authenticity Coach

"Had my first coaching session and I got so much value from speaking with Virginia. She helped me put a plan into place to help grow my Facebook group and start a membership community. I was feeling so lost as to how to move forward and she helped me map out a plan for success. I'm so excited to put what we talked about into action and see how it unfolds."

Tiffany D.
Intuitive Certified Health Coach

" I was hesitant...I was searching for my true self. And then here came the universe knocking!!! And my friend placed the SpeakEasy right in my lap! Since being here, I have learned that it is OK to be ME! I don't have to be a pushy salesy...join my team or get out kinda person. I DO NOT have to send the "normal" recruiting posts to grow my team. I can focus on what I want to...HELP OTHER WOMEN! Helping other women feel more confident and love themselves is exactly what I want to do! I am so so so thankful!!!!! "

Chasity L.
Network Marketer

"Love what the SpeakEasy is doing for so many of us...Changing the way we network! So very grateful β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️"

Loretta H.
Network Marketing

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