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We're about connecting with ease and alignment. Connect your soul with your business needs. When you enroll in the premium community, you gain access to the exclusive community.

Body Playground


Soul Playground

We're about ease, upspiral and alignment in the Soul Playground with free and exclusive premium content. You can also purchase the premium content in the Soul Playground separately.

Soul Playground

Business Playground

Learn to grow your business without being "salezy" and with ease and flow. The Business Playground offers business and social media marketing with soul with both free and exclusive premium content. You can also purchase the premium content in the Business Playground separately or as a bundle with the Body and Soul Playgrounds. 

Business Playground

Exclusive content to align your business with a myriad of free and premium master classes and signature courses (valued at over $10,000).

Business Playground

A place to feel aligned

Sometimes FB or insta just doesn't feel in alignment. Let's cut through the noise and create a sacred space that is conscious, intentional and places more focus on the good in the world.

Your new Social Media APP

We've decided to create a safe space that has the autonomy for heart driven humans. A space that allows you to be you! This is the go-to social and breathing space for you to thrive and feel deep connection to community, connect inward, feel a sense of peace, joy and get away from the superficialities of other social media platforms.

A place for you to thrive

We know you thrive on law of attraction learnings, positive upleveling, you love nature's calm and finding your ease. One day you may chat in the app's social feed about eco-friendly topics, crystals, share with us how you're finding the beauty and fun in life or are exploring natural remedies.

Speaksie APP

Instead of going straight to facebook or insta, tap on the Speaksie App to do some breathing with a guided meditation, connect to tribe, be reminded of your mantra of the day or do a quick bit of yoga to refresh your mind, body and soul.

Speaksie, A Place to focus

This is a special place for soulpreneurs. On a separate tab away from the social feed, you'll find a special sacred space to dive deep into learning and focus in to receive exclusive training on social media marketing and alignment work. Instead of feeling all over the place, the Speaksie APP will be your place to learn business strategies that align with your soul and lifestyle.

Live Video

There will be Live Video Streaming of App-exclusive TV Shows from masters in their fields.

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