Are you a Soulpreneur?

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2020

What is a soulpreneur?

First of all, a soulpreneur could be a man, woman, or identify with any gender. But, one notable quality is that while they believe in the balance of the masculine energies in their lives and business, their feminine energies take the driver's seat.  This means that the soulpreneur prioritizes flow, integration, finding ease, are compassionate, resilient, and easily pivots.  Therefore, when speaking of the soulpreneur I choose to use the pronoun, she, to fully express this energy.  But again, make no mistake a soulpreneur can identify as any gender.

A soulpreneur is purpose-driven and one who connects deeply to body, mind and spirit while she invests greater than the normal financial risk to organize or operate her business. 

Soulpreneur is here to help others beyond their family and friends. She wants to help as many as she can to find more meaning in their life and have personal growth.


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Top business tips for the empath

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2020
Are you an empath? A person who can read the energy of the room and even take on other people's moods or feelings.
Doing business online on social or just being on a screen for a long time can be draining for anyone, but especially an empath. I too am an empath and have been over the last few years honing my abilities to still feel and feel deeply and yet not take on energies that are not serving and also depleting.
Also, within the past week I've been really channeling some big energies and also been in flow and allowing abundance to come in even when I don't look as "productive" on the outside.
It's a pretty cool to know that you don't always have to be on social media doing the things, website creating, doing IPA (Income producing activities) and all the rest that others may be wanting us to do and still be just as abundant and possibly even more so than sister over there doing her 10 phone calls and follow-ups.
Believe it or not I've had more abundance flow during my time that...
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Difference between a Coach and a Therapist

Uncategorized Mar 10, 2020

Many lines can be blurred when you think of a life coach and a therapist, so today I'd like to take a moment to make things crystal clear for you.  

Even though both can help us achieve mental clarity, inner-peace and harmony within, both serve in different ways and one does not replace the other. 

Here are the best ways to distinguish the difference. 

#1 Therapy is a medical treatment to relieve or heal a mental or physical disorder. A coach cannot diagnose or cure any disorder or disease.

The person who is a therapist must be licensed within the field of treatment. Currently, there is no regulation for coaches, but clients doing their due-diligence can be more secure in their choice by choosing a coach that has received extensive training from a certification program.

Clients or patients should feel empowered to ask the medical professional or coach where they received their training and their specialty.

#2 Therapists analyze their...

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