Top business tips for the empath

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2020
Are you an empath? A person who can read the energy of the room and even take on other people's moods or feelings.
Doing business online on social or just being on a screen for a long time can be draining for anyone, but especially an empath. I too am an empath and have been over the last few years honing my abilities to still feel and feel deeply and yet not take on energies that are not serving and also depleting.
Also, within the past week I've been really channeling some big energies and also been in flow and allowing abundance to come in even when I don't look as "productive" on the outside.
It's a pretty cool to know that you don't always have to be on social media doing the things, website creating, doing IPA (Income producing activities) and all the rest that others may be wanting us to do and still be just as abundant and possibly even more so than sister over there doing her 10 phone calls and follow-ups.
Believe it or not I've had more abundance flow during my time that I wasn't feeling good and felt like I needed time to rest. It's been amazing.
This blog is for the empath, the soul that needs space, time to breathe, the soul that truly wants to manifest and understands there has to be a better way than the grind.
Now am I saying, just sit around and don't do anything? Kind of...
not really🤣
Just wait.
I want you to really listen to these tips and absorb them before you start your list of why nots.
Here we go.
Alignment is everything. If you feel like you are pushing, like something is getting in the way of flow, you don't feel well, you may even get headaches, stomach aches, something feels off inside, it's time to pause. Here's my top 3 of what to do.... OK I HAVE 4 and the last is the very best!!!
  1. DMSO - Get back to your Daily Method of Soul Operation. a) 10-15 min of solid meditation 2) soul journaling/ direct connect to the Divine and your inner being. (happy to help with this if you'd like one.)
  2. **Move your body. **Listen to your favorite tunes or some soul inspiring thoughts while doing it.
  3. **Take time off. **When your body is telling you to rest, the worst you can do is keep going. Rest means rest. Life is going to go on without you but you do not need to worry about getting left behind. Actually, when you're ready to jump back in, soul is going to take you where ever you want to go even faster. Chances are you'll bypass those that didn't listen to theirs to stop.
  4. **Trust and be appreciative. **Everything is working out for you. FOR REAL. It just keeps better and better. FOR REAL. When we trust, when we are thankful for those that step up in our time of need. When we can appreciate the silly little things and listen to our bodies, this is when everything stays in flow and more and more abundance starts to flow in. It's amazing the downloads you can get and the realizations you can have during this time!!
Your alignment with what you want controls the speed in which you get what you want. Your alignment with the whole of you, controls your whole welfare and state of who you are. My job is to give you the tools for the most whole experience of success - I am aimed towards empowering you with your **billionaire status in happiness **with your body, soul and business.
When you're in alignment, the negatives of being an empath are non-existent, it's only when we get out of alignment that depletion happens, when people become energy vampires and toxic to us. Remember the only thing you have control of are your thoughts, and your feelings are a guidepost of those thoughts. We get to choose how this goes, always.
How does this feel? What comes up for you? I'm here to answer your questions and help.

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