#1 Life coaching certification

Learn how to do present moment coaching™ with your clients, active listening and how to set goals that lead from their soul. When goals are led from soul, the client can't help but lean in, attract what they want and reach their goals with inspired action.

Self Coach

Empower yourself with the tools you've been looking for to empower your life and business. At the beginning of the school you'll go through Sovereign Alignment.  This course (a $1500 value) is meant to set you free from worrying what others think, sets you up to be unfuckwithable and creates the tone that allows you to be the coach that has her shit together and is ready to master the art of changing lives.

Coaching Mastery

Learn the skills necessary to guide your client to where they want to go with their life.  You will learn a coaching model that is based on ease, flow and allowance rather than the more masculine approach of pushing and hard work.  This approach is revolutionary in empowering clients to take inspired action to get real results.


You will not only learn how to self-coach and master the art of coaching but you will put this into practice with an apprenticeship.  Sovereign Coaching believes in personally guiding you through the experience and making sure that you are set-up for success when going out into the coaching world. By the end of this school you will have completed 50 hours of coaching as an apprentice. This will help you embody the experience of being a coach and also for those that are already coaches, will help you integrate your new skills into your current practice. 

Our Core Values

Core Values:

  1. Self-Love must come first.
  2. Alignment is fundamental for success.(Alignment is when your thoughts, heart and actions all move in the same direction. It is the feeling of satisfaction or better.)
  3. We believe in Positive psychology (founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within themselves, and to enhance their experiences of love, work, and play.*)
  4. At the core of every human there is love.
  5. Every human has the power to change within themselves, but the only person I can change is me.
  6. Every human has a genius within that is best ignited by ease and fun.
  7. The art of lightness, allowing and sovereignty are at the root of our coaching.

*Definition by Penn State Positive Psychology Center

Choose a 2nd Certification

Choose one of the following, then come back and join us for a 3rd and 4th certification if you'd like.

Soul Coach

Work with people who want to understand their purpose, live more confidently in the direction of their dreams, tap into their genius and learn how to intuitively dive deep and have a deeper understanding of who they are and how to work with intuition and source for direction. 

Business Coach

Help entrepreneurs, network marketers, direct sellers, brick and mortar owners and professionals how to leverage their goals and finally see the success they crave.  Get your clients in flow, help them find their ease and work in an abundance that they only thought they would dream of. 

Health Coach

Allow your client to finally feel good in their own skin, see how health coaching can be empowering instead of like pulling teeth trying to get your clients to take the action they need to achieve their health goals. Learn how to work at the soul level with your health clients in order to overcome their barriers and allow them to step into their new body with the ease that will allow them to see results for a lifetime.

Your experience

  • If accepted into the program, the next program starts in February 2020
  • The six months is broken down into 3 units (Alignment for self-coaching, Level 1 and Level 2 with apprenticeship)  You will choose a specialty track such as health, business or soul intuitive coaching before you dive into level two. It is not necessary to choose your track until the end of Level 1.
  • By the end of the schooling you will be dual certified and be on track for master certification.



  • Virginia understands and honors the word “certification” and holds great respect for that title.  She will only certify coaches who are doing the work on themselves, have done and turned in their playwark, have learned how to listen, how to hold space respectfully for others, and are coming from a place of love and service.

    She understands that coaching is an entrepreneurial endeavor and wants the student to walk away with confident and ready to use tools for running their practice and building their clientele and community.  This is why she has created the school to be both coaching and business technique.

About your Teacher & Coach

Virginia has her Masters of Fine Arts in Acting, is a licensed Wholistic Massage Therapist, a Certified Health Coach, a Licensed Theatre and Communications teacher for secondary teaching, co-founded a 501C3 non-profit theatre company and is the founder and creator of the Speaksie App and Social Soul Tribe Facebook community.  She has a thriving coaching practice and has been mentoring students and adults for the past 11 years.

She began her journey of self-love and personal development back in 2007 when she went to a wholistic healing arts school and followed her bliss where she found herself teaching high school for 7 years.  During this time she mentored many students and honed her skills in coaching.

When she ventured out into the adult entrepreneurial world she began listening, applying her deep understanding of the personal development and spiritual work she’d learned and created her own coaching style that is proved itself unique and delivers remarkable results with her clients.