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Become a master of your flow, a master of your emotions, a master of your energy in order to master your life.

 I want to get you through your 2019 with blissipline and EASE and I want us to be supporting each other as a tribe, cheerleading and masterminding through it all together!



Are you tired of feeling stuck, not knowing what to do when you get stuck?

Are you ready to stop feeling weak in your business because you are an empath and learn how to use this beautiful gift as a super-power?  

Explore how to be a master of your own energy and become unfuckwithable.  No more getting hurt, allowing what other people think to get in the way of your life's purpose and dreams, no more allowing the drama of life to interrupt your flow! 

Master ease, master the art of allowing good things to flow into your life instead of the stress, instead of the drama.  Learn how to master what's going on inside in order to manifest what you want on the outside.



YOUR SOUL IS ALWAYS CORRECT -I want you to stop looking everywhere else for the answers and learn EXACTLY how to look within. I will give you the tools to have conversations with your soul and have the confidence to be always moving and never feel stuck again. 

You will hone your skills on being able to differentiate between what is people pleasing vs. SOUL pleasing and how to always gracefully and sovereignly choose SOUL. This will keep you moving in the direction of your purpose at ALL TIMES. 

You will learn how to how to use your empathic nature as a SUPER POWER tool instead of a type of kryptonite soul drainer that keeps you from EVERYTHING that you want in life and also makes you shrink instead of become a POWERLearn and hone your skills on how to be in the HIGHEST vibrations EVERYDAY - you are a positive person, so let's raise that vibration and take it to the next level! Let's put it in full-force attraction mode and create a power so strong that nothing can take you away from this vibration! 


After the Course 

May - Ocober 2019

* MONTHLY SOUL BUSINESS ZOOM calls that are going to help you continue on your soul path and also start driving your business forward.

*Mastermind calls to help you move through the tough times and make them into the biggest uplevels of your life! 

* Find your workflow with Soul throughout the next months before the retreat we are going to get your rhythm and flow so smooth that you cannot help but feel your sovereignty over your own life. 





THE RETREAT (optional)

NOVEMBER 6-10 2019

* Master your Sovereignty and move into Infinite

*Creation Mode - we are going to be in full-on creation mode. When you are relaxed and at ease is when the best creativity arrives and what better place to do that than in a gorgeous tropical environment! 

*Genius Mode - Soul Branding Mastery for your live videos that takes you from run of the mill to "they can't stop watching you"

*Genius Mode - Copy - Learning how to write and speak without being salezy

*Genius Mode - Sacred relationships -  conversations, how to work with the unworkable, how to work with hard clients. How to attract the BEST relationships in your life and business.

* FUN MODE - We will only be spending 4 hours a day in Soul Class and you'll have playwork to do during the day but the more fun we have the more epic the results from our efforts will be! 

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