Body. Soul. Business.

At SpeakEasy Enterprise, we are a collective of soulpreneurs who help build social media funnels, brand with authentic authority and live a fun, soulful, balanced life in the process. 

We provide coaching every step of your way that will give your business strategy and action steps that are personalized to set you apart from the rest.

So, stop running around in circles, feeling over stressed and direct your path towards the flow and ease that your business is craving.

" ...I'm a B-School alum and I've paid for a ton (seriously) of online marketing programs and groups over the past five years, but what Virginia is offering is already helping me navigate social media in a way that finally makes sense and feels resonant to me. It's valuable and authentic and something I haven't seen in any of those other programs. "

Christi D.
Personal Power Coach

"I really can't say enough about Virginia!!! She is such an inspiration, a role model, an uplifting example, a beaming light to light the path, a confidante, and a pure soul offering unconditional love to her clients...all of that ON TOP of her business knowledge and acumen, training us to go live on Facebook, showing us how to live in ease and flow. In other words, she doesn't just talk about it...she IS about it!!"

Lileith P.
Professional Belly Dancer & Authenticity Coach

It's easy to speak when you tap into your truth.

Hey soul friend, wanted to pop in here to say hi and YES YOU CAN have, be and do anything you want! It's time to stop the rat race, cut out the BS and talk straight to your soul about what's been getting in the way or breaking through in your life.  

I started out with my MFA in Acting back in 2005 striving to "make it" out in Cali and that's where I learned that I was truly an entrepreneur at heart and needed to follow my bliss. But it wasn't until years later, when I stopped listening to everyone telling me to push push push, started listening to my soul, learning from the best soul driven leaders and was able to create a customized plan that has led me to help hundreds of people over the past year.  My business has skyrocketed. Income claims are for the birds, but what I can say is that when you start working with the leaders here and getting a customized plan for your soul life and/ or business, you'll never look back.  It's all up, up, up from here. So, welcome! Glad you're here and can't wait for you to experience what you've been looking for, for possibly a long time. Welcome home. 




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