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for building your business with

ease, flow and clarity online.


We'll help you stop running around in circles, feeling overstressed and direct your path towards the flow and ease that your business is craving.


We will provide coaching every step of your way that will give your business strategy and action steps that are personalized and will set you apart from the rest.


We'll empower and help you implement what you have learned.

" ...I'm a B-School alum and I've paid for a ton (seriously) of online marketing programs and groups over the past five years, but what Virginia is offering is already helping me navigate social media in a way that finally makes sense and feels resonant to me. It's valuable and authentic and something I haven't seen in any of those other programs. "

Christi D.
Personal Power Coach


One Stop Shop Coaching and Mastermind. Here are some details about what you will receive

customized coaching for you

Every membership level includes monthly one on one coaching. 

Starting in 2020 - coaching with Virginia weekly. Get your questions answered through live Q&A group coaching sessions.



I'm Ready

Hone your skills

Build your skills

Speak more easily on camera and in front of an audience.

*Learn interpersonal relationship strategies that promote healthy boundaries and lasting relationships personally and professionally.

*Express your message with more clarity, ease and excitement in order to attract your perfect clients.

*learn how to leverage your influence and get more buyers instead of lookers through community.

*learn how to increase engagement and build a team working for your brand.

*learn how to build a thriving paid community on Facebook and leverage the power of affiliate marketing. 

Let's Do This!

Coaching and MasterMind

*No matter which Speaksie plan you choose, you will begin with 1on1 time with one of our SpeakEasy Certified team members.

*Affordable 1on1 coaching plans are available and can be included in your membership.

*This community is one of the MOST interactive and helpful communities out there. 

*Tap into the SpeakEasy tribe and see for yourself how you can mastermind, co-create and receive help from your peers. 

*This is a great space for you to not only learn but also network and build lasting soul business relationships.

Hell Yeah! This Sounds Amazing!

" I want to say thank you for everything! I know I have not been part of the community long but my life has changed SIGNIFICANTLY by just being surrounded by your community !!!!!!! You are changing lives!!!!! I just hit the top rank in my direct sales company.... all because I started listening to my SOUL !!!!!!! So thankful πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ"

Kyla Clapper
Direct Sales

"I really can't say enough about Virginia!!! She is such an inspiration, a role model, an uplifting example, a beaming light to light the path, a confidante, and a pure soul offering unconditional love to her clients...all of that ON TOP of her business knowledge and acumen, training us to go live on Facebook, showing us how to live in ease and flow. In other words, she doesn't just talk about it...she IS about it!!"

Lileith P.
Professional Belly Dancer & Authenticity Coach

"I was immediately drawn to the meditations. None of my previous mentors offer free Meditation on their page. She has helped me show up Authentically in my business making speaking easy as I show up to serve women as a Body Positive Mentor. V has a gift to see our gifts and helps us shine them brightly so business is fun and feels good! Your business and confidence will grow as it has mine! definitely don't wait another second to decide to work with her! XOXO"

Heather N.
Body Positive Mentor

"Had my first coaching session and I got so much value from speaking with Virginia. She helped me put a plan into place to help grow my Facebook group and start a membership community. I was feeling so lost as to how to move forward and she helped me map out a plan for success. I'm so excited to put what we talked about into action and see how it unfolds."

Tiffany D.
Intuitive Certified Health Coach

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