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SOUL much value in the private SpeakEasy Coaching Membership Community!

  • All SpeakEasy Master Classes are included with your membership and new Master Classes are introduced monthly (up to a $10,000 value).
  • All packages include a 1:1 new member coaching session with Virginia within the first 30 days ($160 value).
  • 1on1 monthly coaching call - Personally customized for you! Your choice of business, soul, health, life. 
  • Exclusive Access Monday - Friday!  Every weekday you will have access to Virginia and our other coaches through our exclusive business community in the Speaksie App.
  • LIVE coaching weekly for our members only.  Ask questions 24/7.


SpeakEasy Private Coaching is a tribe of like-minded souls that are driven to help you upspiral your business on social media and bring soul alignment and ease. This thriving community is abundant with masters at building businesses on social media and years of life, business, health and soul work training.  

You will learn --
How to work your business using your 6th sense / intuition / inner guidance system.

How to stop being "salezy" when selling to your audience and how to connect authentically to attract your perfect customers.

Learn extensive upspiraling and alignment work that will be a catalyst to the next level in your business and more!

* Members will have access to previously recorded courses and master classes as well as access to future courses as long as you are a current member.  

**Additional private coaching rates are based on each individual coach.


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