VIP Web and Copy Design

I absolutely love working with professionals that want to refresh or create their brand, build a gorgeous website and get their marketing materials up and flowing smoothly. 

1 spot is currently available. 

This is a full service creative process.  I work very closely with no more than 3 full-service clients at a time so you have my undivided attention. I'm selective in who my VIP clients are because we must be the right fit for each other.  Your business deserves the best.

Web Design

Let's design the site of your dreams! I specialize in co-creating with you in order to create a site that feels like home to both you and your customers.

Together, we will create a magnetic site that feels like home, that's easy for your clients to navigate and allows them to easily purchase your products and/or services.





Alignment is everything

Your website, your copy and all that goes into your process must be done with love. For me this alignment starts with carefully listening to your needs. I understand that the more easily it is to navigate a site, the easier it is for not only the client to purchase, but also for the client to be happy long-term.

Having a great website design and copy goes beyond just looking good; it is the the heartbeat of good client relations and retention. 


Email Copy
Blog Ghostwriting

I absolutely love creating emails that are from YOUR voice. There's a reason my business is called "SpeakEasy".  One of my specialties is the ability to help you find your own voice in your work and then we come up with copy that is infused with YOU. I am a ghost writer for emails and blogs because I believe that life can get way too busy to keep up with all of these things.  One of the best tips I ever got was stick to do what you love and outsource the rest.



Whether you need a new logo, a complete brand overhaul or a brand refresh, I'm here for you! 

We dive deep into who you are. We explore your business needs and target audience. Then, we dive even deeper into your mission, color, graphics in order to co-create and manifest a whole new look for your business. 






Align with someone who infuses love into your business.

Alignment is everything for a business to run smoothly. That means communication must be kind and open. The work I do with a brand is sacred to me.  It's also important for me to make sure that YOU are seen as you WANT to be seen.  It isn't about what I want, it's what you want.  You are in the driver's seat and we co-create together. One of my biggest joys is being unattached to the process that way you can be completely open and honest with me so we can get the perfect look, feel and copy for your brand.

1 spot is currently available. 

I look forward to getting to know you and your needs